Rear view of a polo referee, closely observing the action

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Polo Magazine

Known as “the game of kings,” polo holds the appeal and glamour not found in other competitive sports. Sarasota Polo Club draws a unique group of individuals from around the world including amateur and professional players, their dedicated families, corporate sponsors and passionate fans.

Sarasota Polo Magazine readers are a superb market for your advertising, falling into top income and interest groups. Polo fans use the magazine continuously to follow tournament schedules, learn about the game, and identify “who’s who” on the field. The lifespan of the magazine is continuous as issues adorn tabletops in homes and businesses.

Sarasota Polo Magazine is furnished to an exclusive audience whom are proven customers of luxury products. Sarasota Polo Magazine is provided complimentary on-site during the 18 week polo season as well as at exclusive partners throughout the Sarasota and Tampa Bay area. Expected attendance for the 2020 season is 45,000. The club expects an average of 3,000 spectators each Sunday during the 2020 season including:

  • Members, players and sponsors of the Sarasota Polo Club
  • General admission attendees throughout the 22 week season
  • Lakewood Ranch Information Centers and model homes, including the Lake Club
  • Members of the Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club
  • Available during high profile events in Lakewood Ranch
  • Included in all polo marketing information
  • Received by other polo clubs in the United States and abroad